A Trip to See Athena…

I loved looking closer to these columns to see how skillfully the reconstruction has placed new marble in its cracks to make sure all of the structures on the Acropolis continues to stand the test of time. 

Have you ever picked an outfit specifically for an event? Well I took it a step more and used the venue as my inspiration of what to wear. For this trip I chose an outfit inspired by both Athena and her temple. I’m wearing Indigo Rd. Shoes I found for $28 from a little consignment shop in Williamsburg, VA, I felt like the lace up boots were a nod to the quintessential lace up Grecian sandal (it was a bit too cold to be authentic – plus on this blog we like to be abstract). I wore a pleated skirt, I felt like it mimicked the ancient column so well. Then I found a lace push-up bodysuit that I interpreted as representing the femininity as well as the armor of Athena. I also purchased a mesh long sleeve shirt to tie it all together.

Milaya in front of the Acropolis.
photo by Kevin Crowder

The Acropolis is where the Parthenon, the “old” temple of Athena, and the Nike Temple are located. I have been dying to see this place since I learned about the Greek gods. Even more so because it honors Athena.

Nike Temple
photo by Milaya C Photography

I think most women are drawn to Athena – she is such a powerhouse! Basically everything that would be cool to represent as a god, she did. In addition to being the patron goddess and protector of Athens, she was the goddess of wisdom, strategy, handicrafts, and warfare. I don’t think anyone would want to get on her bad side. Her symbols were owls and olive trees. While I did not see one owl, I did see olive trees. Everywhere. Some were even trying to grow from between the stones of the citadel:

Olive trees trying to sprout from the walls of the citadel.
photo by Milaya C Photography

On the side of the “old” temple of Athena (old meaning close to 100 years older than the parthenon), there are 6 women called Caryatids holding up the roof of Athena’s temple. All of them nameless, and some of them were faceless. 

Caryatids at “old” Temple of Athena
photo by Milaya C Photography

Confession time: When I think of the word Nike I do not think sports. I think of Funny Face. If you haven’t seen the film its ok, except it’s not, cause well… Audrey Hepburn. I tease, but really her red flowy dress in front of the Nike statue at the Louvre was everything! Also, go see the movie, like now. Anyways the temple of Nike was not accessible the day we went, but the outside of it was completely visible and intact compared to the rest of the structures.

Up close view repaired Doric columns.
photo by Milaya C Photography

Something that came back to me while walking all over the Acropolis were the different kind of columns found most commonly in Greek architecture. There are five that you see most often: Corinthian (which to me are the most ornate with leaves and flowers), Ionic (the ones with mirrored swirls on either side), Composite (a combination of Ionic and Corinthian), Doric (symmetrical receding steps from the base with a ridged column as seen in the photos), and then Tuscan (which is just like Doric but without the ridges in the column). I loved looking closer to these columns to see how skillfully the reconstruction has placed new marble in its cracks to make sure all of the structures on the Acropolis continues to stand the test of time. 

Milaya in front of the Parthenon
photo by Kevin Crowder

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  1. momelite2 says:

    What a fantastic trip you had! And I love your shoes!


  2. What a neat place to visit! I would love to visit Greece and explore the ancient ruins. So much wonderful history and scenery.


  3. How incredible that you could see Athena in person! And your skirt is perfect!


  4. Deb B. says:

    I absolutely love how your outfit was inspired by your visit to Greece. The columns and those pleats! Amazing! And what a beautiful and stunning experience. I have always wanted to go there. Thanks for the glimpse. Def next on my bucket list!


  5. Athena is a place I dream of going. I would love to go for the history so badly!


  6. Surabhi says:

    It’s looks beautiful! Was on my bucket list.


  7. Looks like it was a fantastic trip. Thank you for sharing.


  8. Yes I have tied once in a while to look like the culture where I am visiting . It’s fun. Great shows by the way


  9. This is so wonderful I have always wanted to visit Athens.


  10. Vidya says:

    thank you for taking us on a wonderful trip to a place on many bucket lists (mine too!) love your outfit


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