Paris Fashion Week at InterContinental Paris Le Grand

The grandeur of the chandeliers, glass dome ceilings, and ornate wall carvings are so beautiful.

The Intercontinental in Paris is a historical luxury hotel, dating back to 1862. This was the fashion show I was most looking forward to in Paris, mostly because of the venue. The grandeur of the chandeliers, glass dome ceilings, and ornate wall carvings are so beautiful. Remember the Titanic before the crashing and sinking? That was the interior style my mind kept correlating it with. I kept my eyes up so often that it almost distracted me from the fabulous fashion in front of me. Almost.

Here were some of the other most fabulous-dressed people in the champagne lobby waiting for the show to start.

There were 6 designers in this show and I will be showcasing three in this blog post.

IAMSOKATE is a sustainable fashion line that uses 100% vegan silk (yay!). I loved the vibrant colors and summery styles. Even though it was 43 degrees Fahrenheit and cloudy in Paris that day, watching the flowy kimonos go by made me feel sunny.


When The Moral Standards collection came out my heart was pounding. Every model was wearing a beautiful and delicate mask made of chains, pearls, and charms. It was incredibly unsettling, reminding me of something right out of the Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood. It made me think of how women are often seen as beautiful objects and nothing else. I cannot say its intention, but my interpretation was an awareness for the female voice and presence.

Moral Standards designs

The HysisDesigns got me the most excited. The design team are sisters and every piece was incredible. They really created an experience with their music, dancing models, and one-of-a-kind pieces. Their models and fashions radiated femininity and power. I thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so I tracked them down after the show so I could shake their hands and tell them how inspired I was.


Crysten had looked so great when she wore a blue monochrome outfit last year in NYC for Fashion Week, so I tried the same with pink monochrome this year in Paris. I wore a faux fur coat, a pink bandage dress, a mesh pink shirt, and Badgley Mischka pink pointed-toe ballet flats from Nordstrom Rack.

Milaya at Strasbourg Saint-Denis

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  1. Tammy Casey says:

    This was beautiful


  2. Lynn says:

    I am so jealous! What an amazing experience!


  3. jazminsmith94 says:

    That’s one of my dreams to go to Paris Fashion Week! I’m so jealous!


  4. Yana says:

    Such an awesome experience. Would definitely love to do this one day.


  5. momelite2 says:

    I’m always amazed at some of the fashion from fashion week. Beautiful choices.


  6. I have never been to a fashion show. This sounds like an amazing experience, especially in Paris!


  7. I would love to go to a fashion show like this! It’s so artistic.


  8. i am so jealous this would have been so neat to see in person


  9. What an amazing experience you had . So happy for you .


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