Candidas Alta Costura


“I was born with it in me”.

Maria Jose Ortiz

Maria Jose Ortiz wearing Candidas Alta Costura Designs
photo by Julia Diaz

If you ask Maria Jose Ortiz when she started to love fashion, she will tell you it was when she was 3 years old while creating designs for her dolls with her Abuela Carmen. Now, she has been pursuing fashion designs for 15 years and it shows. Every piece emulates the passion she has for this business. In her words “I was born with it in me”.

All models wearing Candidas Alta Costura designs
photo by Julia Diaz

What drives her brand is the pursuit of being worn and relevant to all women and that it would be recognized around the world. She designs and makes every piece herself. Sometimes the designs even come to her in her dreams and then she sketches them. The results of her design dreams are gorgeous.

Maria Jose Ortiz wearing Candidas Alta Costura design during Paris Fashion Week
photo by Julia Diaz

Something so unique about this fashion designer is that she models her own designs. She said the idea came to her through the suggestion of her friend, Rocio, to wear her own creations. We think it is such a refreshing and bold choice. It really shows her confidence in the beauty of her designs. There is no one better to emulate her vision as an artist, than the artist herself.

Maria Jose Ortiz wearing Candida Alta Costura
photo by Julia Diaz

She is inspired by Dior’s fashion, especially the women’s collection from the 50s. Maria feels like that is the era where women started to get their strength and power back, and that it shows in the fashion. We love how her style combines femininity and force.

Maria Jose Ortiz wearing Candidas Alta Costura design
photo by Julia Diaz

Maria would like to present her designs during Paris Fashion Week this Fall. Right now, her website is under construction. The best way to purchase these beautiful Candidas Alta Costura designs is via social media through her instagram and Facebook pages.


Maria Jose Ortiz wearing Candida Alta Costura design
Photo by Julia Diaz

At the end of our interview she did me the incredible service of showing me her current favorite piece as pictured above. She created this piece by hand and even hand-painted the flower! Its definitely one of our favorites from Candida Alta Costura as well. Maria has really shown the world her talent as an artist in the fashion industry.

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