Paige Overturf: Photographer


“I want to dive deeper, under a few layers”.

-Paige Overturf

If you have ever had the chance to speak with Paige Overturf then you have had the rare privilege of meeting a truly authentic person. Today, we will introduce you to the woman behind the camera and showcase her talent as a photographer.

Years ago, while living in Guam, I came across some photos on Pinterest that displayed the beauty of the island I was currently calling my home. I could not believe how amazing the photos were and how incredibly well they displayed the natural beauty of the island. Through those photos, I found Paige Overturf and have been following her photography on social media ever since.

Photo taken by Paige Overturf
Photo by Paige Overturf

When Paige was asked what sparked her desire to become a photographer she remarks that she received a Crayola art kit that included a camera when she was either 5 or 6. From there she was given a camera from her mother to begin taking photos of her family members. She explains “I was probably 11 when I decided that weddings were what I wanted to do”. When asked if her career path had ever deviated from photography the response is “No it didn’t”. She states “It was always photography”.

Photo by Paige Overturf

Paige has the ability to put her clients at ease and connect with them in order to achieve a successful session. She describes herself as an introverted extrovert and also touched on how a client can read off of your energy as a photographer. Her goal is to have people forget that they are in front of a camera so that she can capture their true personalities. She uses games and humor to encourage people to be themselves in front of the camera. She states “My goal is to photograph the personality of people and I want them to look through their photos and basically just be like, that is so us”.

Crysten and her husband Josh
Botanical Gardens Norfolk, Virginia
Photo by Paige Overturf

When asked how she achieves success with her underwater photos she reports “They see the photos but what they don’t see is me chocking back saltwater and getting it in my eyes. I am a total mess behind the camera, I am very minimalistic and very simple, I don’t like a lot of things. Most of the time I only have a mask with no fins and I don’t usually use a snorkel. Behind the scenes its a mess, but it’s so much fun and such a different feel to a lot of photos you can give people. Island life is a huge part of my life and to a lot of my friends who are on the islands. I think it’s so cool if you can incorporate that part of their life into photos. It’s so fun to send them away with, sometimes, a once in a lifetime photo”.

Photo by Paige Overturf

Paige loves photographing small intimate weddings. She also states “I love families, I love couples. I love small intimate weddings and then I love photographing anything with sunsets and oceans. But probably families and couples would be my absolute favorite”. When asked how to describe her brand she described it as real and authentic. To get a daily dose of beauty and to follow her on Instagram, click here.

Photo by Paige Overturf

While talking to Paige we discussed the destinations of her photoshoots. She states “I don’t think there is a place I haven’t loved. I just love it all, I love that all the couples, bridal parties, and families are different, it adds to the experience. I think I love them all.” When asked where she is going from here she states “Where I want to focus on is smaller, intimate weddings and diving deeper into the experience of my sessions. I want to know how can I make people feel more comfortable, I want to show up to someone’s wedding so that I’m a friend showing up with a camera and not a photographer that they hired. This way, I am part of the party and people are more themself around me. I want to dive deeper, under a few layers”.

Want more? Check out her website here for her blog as well as contact info!

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