I Am So Kate Luxe

“I would definitely say that travel and leisure is how I would describe my brand”.

Shawna Campbell

Meet Shawna Campbell, the woman behind the beautiful creations of I Am So Kate Luxe. In our interview with Shawna, we learned about how an e-commerce brand grew into her own personal line and how she feels about sustainability for her brand. She began her business in 2015 when she launched an e-commerce boutique called I Am So Kate. I Am So Kate features designs from the I Am So Kate Luxe line as well as various other high-end boutique items.

I Am So Kate Luxe during Paris Fashion Week
Video provided by Milaya C Photography

Eventually, her designs captured the attention of Oxford Fashion Studios when some of her pieces were selected for a photoshoot during a pop up in Houston, Tx. These images were published on an online platform called Strut It Up and lead to Oxford Fashion Studios extending an invitation to Shawna to present her line at Paris Fashion Week. One of our team members was lucky enough to be present at this show and I Am So Kate Luxe definitely caught our attention too.

I Am So Kate Luxe is designed for the adventurous, traveling woman. When we asked Shawna how this came to be she states “Well, that woman is me. I would say Kate is an alter ego for me. I have always loved to travel and every time I would travel I would always put these elaborate looks together. I have also loved kimonos and loungewear”. We asked Shawna what her brand’s signature style would be and she responds with “I would definitely say travel and leisure is how I would define my brand”. Her most popular item since 2018 has been the kimonos. Check them out here.

Shawna with her models wearing I Am So Kate Luxe during Paris Fashion Week.
Photo provided by Shawna Campbell

I Am So Kate Luxe also has swim apparel available. “So I have always wanted to do swimsuits as well, so this one swimsuit is an introduction to what is to come. I think it fits because that’s how I started wearing kimonos is with swimsuits”. Shawna uses vegan silk as the primary fabric in her I Am So Kate Luxe line. We asked her if sustainability is part of her brand and she states “Yes it is. I like lighter fabrics but I also wanted to make an impact on the environment”.

Each item from I Am So Kate Luxe is hand made in Houston, TX. Her items are a limited edition collection due to the use of deadbolt and recycled fabrics. She states “I have always liked one of a kind boutique items. I hate to go out and see someone else in my same outfit. I wanted to make it limited edition, that is how I came up with the concept and to prevent landfill [buildup] and stop pollution”.

To purchase items from I Am So Kate Luxe you can visit Shawna’s website or find her on Instagram. “My ultimate goal is to have my items be sold in resorts, hotels, and high-end boutiques”. Since all items from this line are hand made, please allow 3-4 weeks for production and shipping. Shawna states “This collection is sustainable and limited edition, so once the fabrics that you saw on the runway are gone, they are gone. We will be using the same styles but they will be different fabrics”.

Model is wearing The Hampton Set
Photo provided by Shawna Campbell

I Am So Kate also supports women’s charities. “I have always been interested in philanthropy and helping people along the way because people have had to help me along the way. I want to use my platform and voice to help other people”. So far, I Am So Kate has supported Real Beauty Real Women and Dress for Success. “I don’t know what organization I will choose this year but I like to choose a different organization each year”.

We asked Shawna where she would like to go with I Am So Kate Luxe in the future and she plans to participate in more fashion shows. She has received several invitations and also hinted at her next collection. She states “I actually want to introduce swim, maybe in my next collection because for me my fav thing to do when traveling is to go to nice resorts and layout by the beach or pool. I feel like swimsuits will be a great match to my brand. Every item that you need to put in your suitcase, I want to have it”.

Designer Shawna Campbell pictured right
Photo provided by Shawna Campbell

I Am So Kate Luxe is here to stay and we love how Shawna’s designs transport us to a place of sunshine and warm water. We look forward to seeing what she has in store for the future and we will be on the lookout for shows featuring her designs.

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