Kuinas: Araceli Del Valle Beresi


I think the value of handmade things has been lost and forgotten, so it is a way to do something different and reinvent”.

Araceli Del Valle Beresi

Araceli Del Valle Beresi is an accessories designer who values the craft of creating pieces by hand. She creates exquisite pieces for special occasions and everyday wear. We asked her some questions about these beautiful creations so we could dive deeper into the world of accessory design.

Designer Araceli del Valle Beresi and behind the scenes photos of her design process
Photos provided by Kuinas

EotB: Tell us your story and how you began designing accessories.

AB: I have a fashion design career. I have been working as a designer for more than 20 years developing and creating fashion collections of children’s clothing for companies, it is my specialty. I worked many years in a major children’s clothing company, but the time had come to undertake on my own and that was how I emerged to create my own brand of accessories and professionally advance a little more with my career without depending on others.

EotB: What was your first design?

AB: My first designs as a brand was my leather ballerinas, made in Spain with exquisite quality and unique design.

EotB: What types of materials do you use when creating your products and why have you chosen them?

AB: Leather for my ballerinas and bags. I have chosen it because it lasts a long time and it looks very good, I always use top quality materials. For my headbands and tiaras, I use a lot of crochet since it is important to me because it reminds me of my grandmothers who knitted wonders and I think the value of handmade things has been lost and forgotten, so it is a way to do something different and reinvent. I also use a lot of stones, I love them! but always using crochet as a base, combined with many materials, and always looking for innovation.

Leather ballerina shoes completed and behind the scenes production.
Photo provided by Kuinas

EotB: We love all of the bags in your line but the ring crossbody bag is our favorite. Please tell us how you chose the final designs for this line and what influenced your decisions?

AB: I always design accessories that everyone will like, but first of all that I like them myself. I do not guide trends to the letter but I do my own collections. The Ring bag emerged because I wanted to compliment my leather bags with one that was on-trend at the time and it was summery, so I decided to reinvent it with fringes in tie-dye and people fell in love with it!

Photo provided by Kuinas

EotB: Does your brand have a signature style and if so how would you describe it?

AB: Yes, what I want is people to see my brand say this is from Kuinas! It differs from the rest because I think it has a quite characteristic style, where each piece I make is special with a “bohemian chic” touch that I have always loved, and my idea is to transmit it.

EotB: What lead you to create a blog, in addition, to your accessories company?

AB: I think the blog helps a lot when it comes to informing people and getting hooked on your brand, because the idea is to inform and get interesting articles about what you do, it always comes in handy!

EotB: What accessory is a personal staple for you and why?

AB: For me, a good leather bag is essential, because I think that our whole life goes in there. It has to be a good bag and especially different and original, combined with some maxi earrings!!

Photo provided by Kuinas

EotB: We think your flower crowns are beautiful. Why did you choose to incorporate them into your accessory line?

AB: It is something that has always fascinated me, notice that my logo simulates a crown. I have included them because I needed to make my designs and my production myself, control everything myself, without depending on shoe manufacturers that ask for an exorbitant minimum of pairs. The accessories for special occasions are very important since it is to always wear them on a special day and people look for them a lot both, brides, guests, communion girls, etc.

Tiara created by hand
Photo provided by Kuinas

EotB: Are your pieces created by hand? Please explain the artistic process of creating a bag from start to finish.

AB: Yes, they are all handmade from beginning to end, for example, a leather bag, I think first of what I am going to develop, I combine colors and materials and I digitally or by hand, draw and test things until I get to the final art. Then I make the technical file of the design where I explain everything and send it to the workshop where they make everything by hand one by one to develop the sample. Once given the OK we start production. With the crowns, it is similar the only thing is that I do everything myself, no tiara or crown is equal to another.

If you are interested in purchasing from Kuinas visit their website or look for them on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to check out their social media accounts for more behind the scenes videos and photos of the design process. Also, if you are in Spain look for their storefront in Malaga. We have enjoyed learning about Kuinas and loved hearing about the inspiration and work that goes into hand made pieces. These special accessories will compliment anyone’s wardrobe.

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