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I never know what will inspire me, it is different all the time. Sometimes people inspire me, sometimes good weather outside does or other designer’s works. But what I know for sure – EMOTIONS.

Iulia Tcaci

Designer Iulia Tcaci is the mind behind the beautiful and awe-inspiring creations of Iuli Accessories. We decided to contact her to learn more about her work and how she began designing such unique creations. We love the drama of her pieces and how they command attention in both an elegant and bold manner. We had the pleasure of meeting with Iulia and speaking to her about her journey.

Photo provided by Iuli Accessories

EotB: Please tell us your story and how you began designing these beautiful accessories.

Iulia: My love for accessories started when I was at school, more than 10 years ago. I was making accessories for myself, made of improvised materials like my old pair of jeans or Pringles chips jar. I wasn’t thinking about making any business of it, it was my hobby and loved it. I was creating earrings, hairbands, necklaces, and other accessories for myself and friends, complementing my images.  

Later, when I was at college, I was creating a costume for a makeup competition in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 2015 and participated as a model, wearing it.  It was my first large-scale piece of artwork and I had not done anything like it before. I created headdresses and accessories from broken mirrors and paper and we took first place at the competition.  Thanks to this experience, I  discovered a love for art accessories. A few weeks later, I created my first mirror collection

Photo provided by Iuli Accessories

EotB: What was your first design?

Iulia: Oh, I don’t remember what my first design was if we are talking about my ten-year-old accessories, but my first art design was my mirror headpiece and accessories for this mirror image. 

One year ago,  I decided to transfer my hobby into something more, so I opened my page on instagram, it was 12th of April 2019. One year ago I was thinking about making wearable accessories for sale, so my first design for sale was earrings. 

EotB: What inspires your headpieces?

Iulia: I never know what will inspire me, it is different all the time. Sometimes people inspire me, sometimes good weather outside does or other designer’s works. But what I know for sure – EMOTIONS. All the emotions and feelings I live inside of me, I translate through my works. That’s why they are so different. 

EotB: What types of materials do you use when creating your products and why have you chosen them?

Iulia: Materials are always different. It can be metal, beads or rhinestones, textiles or feathers, leather or flowers, and many many others. It always depends on what kind of accessories I create, what kind of mood it has, and what message I want to translate. 

Photo provided by Iuli Accessories

EotB: Does your brand have a signature style and if so how would you describe it?

Iulia: All my works are diverse. One day it can be a feather necklace, and the next day I can start working on a metal face mask. These are two different types of accessories made in two different ways. My brand has a signature style in each segment, for sure, and each has its own style: earrings are more about chic which each woman can wear, headpieces and face masks are fashion history, necklaces and chokers are somewhere between these categories. My last works, masks, are the forced trend accessory of this season #quarantinemasks

EotB: Who do you imagine wearing your accessories when you design them?

Iulia: That is a good question, because every creation of accessory starts from the imagination of a person in my head, a woman who will wear it. These are different girls all the time: sometimes these are brides wearing my cristal earrings and beads headdress or models wearing headpieces on the fashion show, celebrities on the red carpet and award shows, movies or music clip. 

EotB: Which design is a favorite for you and why?

Iulia: I don’t think I can pick one, because I love all of them. They are all «children of my imagination» and each one describes my emotional state in a given period.

Photo provided by Iuli Accessories

EotB: Please explain the artistic process of creating one of your designs from start to finish.

Iulia: Like I’ve said before, 3 magical things have to be connected together: inspiration+imagination+mood. 

When all this quarantine period started I couldn’t create anything, I didn’t know where to take inspiration from, so I took a break for 2 weeks. Spring was coming, the most beautiful season of the year for me, but I was sad because of the situation. So, I decided to create a mask, a quarantine mask that would represent my mood and feelings. It is gentle and blooming spring, but with the tied face. With these thoughts and feelings, I sewed this mask in two days

EotB: Do you create custom pieces and how would someone go about purchasing from you?

Iulia: Yes, sure. All my works are for sale. I can create work I have already done or create something new by custom order. Anyone can contact me by Facebook or Instagram DM or tap the link in the top of my Instagram page and choose the most comfortable way of connection (phone, what’s app, Viber, mail and etc.)  I am always in touch.

Photo provided by Iuli Accessories

EotB: What do you have planned for IULI in the future?

Iulia: I have a lot of ideas to implement, some of the artworks to realize. For my followers and friends, I am going to create a web site with my works. I am confident that a lot of beautiful and creative works are waiting for IULI in the future. 

We are in love with the talent and dedication it takes to creates such amazing work. To follow Iulia on social media just follow the links provided above. We cannot wait to see what she has in store for the future.

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