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Christopher König: Artist

“The observation is basically free for the observer, my motivation is only that it makes me happy when others are inspired and enriched by my work.”

Christopher König

Christopher König is an abstract artist located in Germany. He bonds music and paint to bring us beautiful art to speculate and ponder. Each piece spurs deep feelings. Have a read, and see why we were so curious to find out more about this artist.

Piece by Christopher König

EotB: Please tell us your story and how you began as an artist?

CK: I started drawing as a toddler. And this continues to be pursued during school time.

EotB: What was the first piece of art that you ever created?

CK: So, so to speak, my first works of art were little sketches. During university I started with classic portrait work as well as landscape work. The decision to express myself artistically has always been a wish, or to communicate creatively with other people.

Piece by Christopher König

EotB: What is your greatest challenge as an abstract painter?

CK: The biggest challenge for me as an abstract artist is the processes that take place alongside the painterly expression and creation. Drying processes, pay attention to the environment.. That was the real challenge for me as an artist, sometimes taking more time and working in a more disciplined and concentrated manner.

Piece by Christopher König

EotB: Where do you draw inspiration from?

CK: For me, art and painting has become a kind of meditation, it should be lively, fruitful and inspiring, as well as enriching. Through the type of meditation I try to transfer my moods and emotions to the canvas unfiltered. Discourse with the audience was and is always very important to me. I have now exhibited in Florence, Milan and Ettlingen. I am still young and you can call me an “aspiring artist”. What influenced me in painting and art used to be artists like Wassily Kandinsky, Picasso and Gerhard Richter.

EotB: Can you speak more about the bond you feel is between abstract painting and music, and what it means to you?

CK: When it comes to abstractions, my leitmotif is often music, direct inspiration is the universal language of music, the connecting element. So I try to transfer the ideas and what makes music to art.

Piece by Christopher König

EotB: We are drawn to the brightness of your paintings. Please tell us what inspires or has influenced your use of such a bright color palette? 

CK: The choice of colors is partly intuitive, as well as planned. The observation is basically free for the observer, my motivation is only that it makes me happy when others are inspired and enriched by my work. I am now trying to make my paintings look three-dimensional with various techniques, but like a cooking recipe it is my little secret.

We enjoyed getting to know this artist better and finding the means to the masterpieces. To make one of these beautiful pieces of artwork yours, reach out on Christopher König’s Instagram account to purchase.

Piece by Christopher König

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