Talia Ben Simhon: Artist

“I think there is something very unique and special about faces. Every face has the same features and similar structures yet they all look completely different.”

Talia Ben Simhon

Take a look at this exclusive interview with Talia Ben Simhon. A 16 year old artist talented in realistic drawings. We enjoyed getting to know this young artist and her creative process.

Art by Talia Ben Simhon

EotB: Please tell us your story and how you began as an artist.

TBS: My name is Talia and I’m 16 years old. I’ve always been interested in art but I’ve never challenged myself to draw something realistic until I entered my sophomore year of high school. My art teacher suggested I try drawing a realistic close up of a candy or dessert. I told her I that I didn’t think I could do it. She said I would never know unless I tried so I did just that. I drew a picture of donuts with colored pencils. Ever since then, I fell in love with drawing realism. There’s something amazing about recreating images that you see in your everyday life on a piece of paper. 

EotB: What has been your greatest challenge as an artist? 

TBS: My greatest challenge as an artist is consistently finding inspiration for my art. Many times the inspiration just flows to me but there are times when it doesn’t. Normally I find inspiration when I’m calm and relaxed. When I try creating an art piece under pressure, it’s super difficult to decide what to make. 

Art by Talia Ben Simhon

EotB: What is your first memory of creating art?

TBS: My first memory of creating art is from when I was 8 years old. I used to mold ceramic bowls and sculptures and paint them. That was the first time I used art to express the emotions within myself. I vividly remember the castle I made which portrayed the world I fantasized about. 

EotB: How do you feel your age influences your artwork?

TBS: My age definitely has an impact on my art. I’m currently at a crucial point of growth in my life. Being a teenager in high school, I go through many different growing and life changing experiences and emotions. All of that is expressed in my artwork. 

Art by Talia Ben Simhon

EotB: What types of materials do you use when creating your work?

TBS: I like to experiment with a wide range of materials but my favorite is colored pencils and graphite. I also use acrylic paint, charcoal, pastels, oil paint, watercolors, and Indian ink. 

EotB: How would you describe your style of art? 

TBS: I would describe my style of art as realistic. 

Art by Talia Ben Simhon

EotB: What has been an inspiration behind creating such beautiful art? 

TBS: The inspiration behind many of my pieces comes from experiences in my everyday life. When I see a beautiful element in nature I get inspired to recreate it with my own personalized twist. I also get inspired by the emotion I see in other people’s eyes. I try to recreate them in my portrait drawings 

EotB: We love your pencil drawings and have noticed that you draw mostly portraits using a pencil. What has inspired you to create portraits and please elaborate on why you have chosen to create them using a pencil?

TBS: I think there is something very unique and special about faces. Every face has the same features and similar structures yet they all look completely different. I like drawing them because it challenges me to be precise with my drawing. If one of my angles is even slightly off then my portrait looks like a completely different person. I specifically like using pencils because they blend seamlessly which helps create realistic shadows and facial structures. 

Art by Talia Ben Simhon

EotB: What are your plans for the future as an artist? 

TBS: I plan on continuing to draw and paint regularly and watching my skills improve. I also plan on taking my artistic abilities and using it to eventually become an architect. Architecture has always been an interest of mine and I feel that many of the skills I use as an artist can be used as an architect. 

EotB: If someone is interested in purchasing some of your work how would they be able to do that? 

TBS: People can message me through Instagram or through my website

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