Talia Ben Simhon: Artist

“I think there is something very unique and special about faces. Every face has the same features and similar structures yet they all look completely different.” Talia Ben Simhon Take a look at this exclusive interview with Talia Ben Simhon. A 16 year old artist talented in realistic drawings. We enjoyed getting to know thisContinue reading “Talia Ben Simhon: Artist”

Bianca Severijns: Artist

“Both in my design and art I find the role of play a key ingredient. Play, for me, has to do with fantasizing, investigating, experimenting, being creative, exploring and being spontaneous.” Bianca Severijns Bianca Severijns has a very unique and identifiable style when it comes to creating art with paper as her medium. Dive inContinue reading “Bianca Severijns: Artist”

Christopher König: Artist

“The observation is basically free for the observer, my motivation is only that it makes me happy when others are inspired and enriched by my work.” Christopher König Christopher König is an abstract artist located in Germany. He bonds music and paint to bring us beautiful art to speculate and ponder. Each piece spurs deepContinue reading “Christopher König: Artist”

Feel This Moment: Photography

“I love being in the background watching people enjoy themselves at a party and capturing it, parents becoming emotional when their child has a birthday party or celebrating a milestone.” Tara Gray Tara Gray is the photographer behind Feel This Moment Photography. Her images are thought-provoking and her ability to capture the pure joy onContinue reading “Feel This Moment: Photography”