“When going into stores, we could not find clothing that made us feel like us”.

Toni Hyde

Behind the label of HysisDesigns are two incredibly strong women: the Hyde sisters. In fact, the name Hysis was formed from “Hyde Sisters”. Their desire to create was born in 2007 when the two of them began designing pieces just for themselves. The business grew out of a shared hobby because they were having difficulty finding clothes that made them feel good. Toni states “When going into stores, we could not find clothing that made us feel like us”.

In 2014 Toni moved from New Orleans, Louisiana to Atlanta, Georgia to be near Duana, and HysisDesigns was launched in 2017. They share a passion for design equally, but with Duana managing the business side and Toni being so creatively inclined, the two of them together are a fashion powerhouse. To follow these fashionistas on Instagram click here.

Duana and Toni Hyde, owners of HysisDesigns
photo provided by HysisDesigns

When asked about the inspiration behind the brand, they told us that they are inspired by the world around them. Anything from seeing a building during a car ride, to drawing inspiration from color can drive these sisters’ designs. Duana states “Coloring is always going to be a part of what you see in Hysis”. When asked what HysisDesigns would like to be recognized for, the response was: color. Their beautifully created fedoras are an example of their love for color. Buying a HysisDesigns fedora does more than elevate your style, if you purchase the Just Jai Breast Cancer Awareness Fedora all proceeds are donated to Loving Arms Cancer Outreach. Click here if you are interested in purchasing.

Model wearing HysisDesigns from Nouvelle Collection Royale
photo provided by HysisDesigns

Their pieces radiate power, confidence, and courage, which is exactly what they want people to feel when wearing their designs. Their pursuit includes modest designs that are also considered sexy. Toni states “We want you just to feel sexy, not sexy in a sense where you are revealing all, but sexy in a modest sense. That is another thing that the brand is bringing full circle for women, modesty. We don’t have to be revealing to still be considered sexy”. These designers are involved down to the detail when it comes to styling to insure that their vision is complete. They are very hands-on in their business, especially with Toni working as their exclusive seamstress in the Hysis atelier.

Model wearing HysisDesigns from Nouvelle Collection Royale
photo provided by HysisDesigns

We asked them who their favorite designer was and they both quipped with Alexander McQueen. After watching their show – we could definitely see that. HysisDesigns was portrayed in a theatrical, dramatic, and memorable way. The sisters went on to say that they also admire many novice designers as well, because of their raw and authentic creations. Click here to read how we felt during one of their shows.

Model wearing HysisDesigns from Nouvelle Collection Royale
photo provided by HysisDesigns

HysisDesigns often likes to pay homage to their Choctaw roots with feathers and beading which is apparent from their most current show in Paris. Toni states “In the Paris show, when we used a lot of the feathers and beading and everything, that was to pay homage to the Black Indian tribes. Coming from New Orleans, our family comes from the line of the Choctaw Indians, and so it was to pay homage to our ancestors and the Choctaw Indians”.

They have also paid tribute to their African heritage with some of the prints they used in their first fashion show. Toni states “And so, with our first show it was due in February, which is Black History Month, and so we took on the theme of that show, Kingdom Royalty, and with that we used a lot of Ankara or African print fabrics. That was to display, you know one: us, our culture, our heritage, to just give a since of just pride of who we are and where we come from”.

Model wearing HysisDesigns from Nouvelle Collection Royale
photo provided by HysisDesigns

Duana and Toni want to stay true to themselves and continue to be authentic. HysisDesigns feel like they put their whole heart into every design and it is apparent. When asked if they had a favorite piece, they suggested that each piece is an equally important part of their story and every piece is integral.

HysisDesigns is here and we love it. When we asked which direction the brand was moving towards, the sisters stated that men and children’s fashion is what they would like to unveil for future shows. They plan to continue to produce shows during fashion week, mentor others in their field, and participate in fashion and/or business panels. Toni and Duana also expressed how important it is to continue to share their story within their designs. Click here to check out custom and ready to wear pieces that are available for purchase.


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  1. These are beautiful and unique pieces. Loved the dark floral design from the Nouvelle Collection Royale. Thank you for sharing about the Hysis. Would love to check more about their creations.


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